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Wine Tasting

Past Events

Here you can find the information about past wine tasting events, including pictures and the list of wines.

Wine Roulette Series

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Get Your Wine Game On!

Test your Knowledge or your Luck!

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31 October 2023

Halloween Truffle Haunt

Join us for the night of bloody good wines of Piedmont and the truffles to die for!

13 August 2023

Taste of Italy

If you thinking Prosecco and cheap Pinot Grigio or heavy reds when it comes to Italian wines, think again.

29 June 2023

English Wine Week Tasting

We've decided to extend the English Wine Week, so that you have more time to fall in love with Great British Wines!

22 August 2023

Life in Pink

Live life the Riviera Style!

1 August 2023

Mediterranean Summer Tasting

Dreaming about Mediterranean Summer?

3 June 2023

World Chardonnay Day Tasting

Discover different styles of Chardonnay and find your favourite!


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