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13 August 2023

Byblos Harbour, London E14 9DH, UK

If you thinking Prosecco and cheap Pinot Grigio or heavy reds when it comes to Italian wines, think again.

With over 450 different grape varieties grown for commercial production of wine across 20 Italian wine regions you are spoiled for choice. Join us on a summer Sunday afternoon to discover some of them together!

What's included*: 

- A selection of premium Italian wines, carefully curated by a wine expert, Nelly Ward DipWSET

- A selection of nibbles, masterfully created by the chefs at Byblos


Byblos Harbour, The Waterfront, 40 Westquay Walk, London E14 9DH


Sunday, 13th of August15:00 - 17:00*You can also get a 10% Discount for Shisha, sponsored by our partner - Am On Clouds

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Wines supplied by Friarwood

Italian Tasting - List of Wines
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Taste of Italy

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