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My Story

Getting into banking after a law degree wasn’t such an unexpected move, changing from finance into wine has been somewhat less straightforward, but I believe that things happen for a reason...

Growing up in Belarus didn’t set me off on to a great start in terms of wine appreciation (though it definitely prepared my palate for spirits tastings and helped me to build up a tolerance for alcohol). I owe a lot to my heritage and my family as they helped to shape the person I am now by teaching me the importance of integrity, the power of knowledge and the greatness of love and kindness. They’ve encouraged me to never stop being curious, develop my talents, be creative and always stay true to myself.

Travelling has opened up my horizons to a variety of cultures, cuisines and beverages, however, I fell in love with wine after moving to London – the capital of all opportunities, where wine is the blood the city runs on. Enchanted by the charm of wine tastings (courtesy of the wine club in a bank I used to work at the time) I’ve decided to learn more and found myself flying through WSET qualifications. Halfway through my Diploma in Wines and Spirits I realised that I want to follow my passion and turn it into a career so I took a leap of faith and joined the wine trade.

Nelly Ward

Since then I’ve enjoyed my experience in different areas – from artisan producers to Fine wines, from intimate tastings to international wine fairs, discovering new places, new regions and meeting wonderful people along the way. Now I really want to share my passion, my energy and knowledge to make people happy, put a smile on their faces and see their eyes light up with excitement and hearts fill with joy.

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