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Portugal - Wine and Art

Portugal is a very rich cultural country with wine being in the heart of it.

With over 250 grape varieties, you will find an abundance of styles - from Traditional Method Sparkling of Bairada, light whites of Vinho Verde, fuller bodied and oak aged whites of Alentejo, light Rosés, a myriad of red wine styles and, of course, Port. However, Portugal has much more to offer. Here is a snapshot of a possible itinerary with a difference, travelling from the South to the North.

If you like art and nature, nothing can beat the Eden Garden, an enchanting oasis just an hour north of Lisbon. Created in 2001 by Commander Joe Berardo, The Bacalhôa Buddha Eden Garden spans over 35 hectares, making it the largest oriental garden in Europe. Inspired by the tragic loss of the Buddhas of Bamiyan, this garden pays homage to Asian and African cultures through a stunning array of sculptures set amidst lush green spaces.

Once you soaked in the grandness of this wonder garden, indulge in a wine tasting or unique wine-based drinks like white or red sangrias, or the vibrant "cocktail" wine infused with blueberries.

Just under 2 hours drive to the north, in the charming town of Aliança, the Aliança Underground Museum offers a truly unique experience where visitors can immerse themselves in history, culture, and wine-making traditions while exploring a diverse array of art collections. In the underground caves, you can marvel at the collections from African Ethnography to Contemporary Sculptures from Zimbabwe, explore Archeology, Minerals, and Fossils, admire Tilework and Ceramics of Caldas da Rainha, and India – Myth, Sensuality, and Fiction exhibits. This innovative concept of combining wine and art creates a captivating and educational experience that is sure to delight history enthusiasts, art lovers, and wine connoisseurs alike.

Another hour to the north and you get to Porto, a must-visit destination for any wine lover. Here, in the heart of Vila Nova de Gaia, you will find the World of Wine - WOW - the whole brand new expansive cultural district. Born from renovated old Port wine warehouses, WOW is now housing seven museums, twelve restaurants and bars, shops, and a wine school. You can spend the whole day there discovering the rich history and vibrant art scene of Porto through interactive exhibits and engaging workshops.

Photo by Emily West

The WOW Centre truly embodies the spirit of Porto, offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with the city's heritage in a fun and educational way. It also provides a unique venue for the International conferences, like Women in Wine Expo.

Photo by Emily West

From the centuries-old vineyards producing world-renowned wines to the captivating art galleries, Portugal's unique blend of wine and art creates a dynamic and enriching journey for those seeking to explore the beauty and creativity that Portugal has to offer. Would you come with me to Portugal to discover the arts and wines of this beautiful country? Drop me a message.


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